SelfMurals + tiling by Bussoga

In 2010 Josep Motas started the Bussoga tiles project in a small village embedded between the spanish Pyrenees and the Costa Brava. Several months later Josep was ready to showcase his first designs to the world.

SelfMural by Bussoga - skull tiles

SelfMural by Bussoga- spaghetti tilesAt first he failed to find a producer willing to market his unconventional designs, but that was no reason for him to hang his head. Instead he founded his own company: Bussoga surreal design / Excentric ceramic atelier of Bussoga. Immediately he started his very first series of extravagant tiles and soon was joined by artist Irina Grosu in 2012. 

SelfMural by Bussoga - tongue tiles

m² Hydraulic tiles by Bussoga - batedroesAll Bussoga products are designed and produced using traditional materials and methods. Due to the fact that the tiles are individually silkscreened by hand, each one is unique and presents itself with little unavoidable imperfections giving it an especially warm character.

SelfMurals by Bussoga - FletxaSelfMural by Bussoga - handicator-right tiles

Photos © Bussoga