Branch Bowls + Stacking Vessels by Utopia & Utility

We were very lucky to meet Pia Wüstenberg of Utopia & Utility at designjunction at Palazzo Morando / Milan where she showed her haptic hybrids of two traditional crafts and materials – gem-toned, handmade glass topped by singed wooden branches …

Branch Bowls by Utopia & Utility

 Her new series : Branch Bowls

Stacking Vessels by Utopia & Utility

Stacking Vessels by Utopia & Utility

Pia released her first edition Stacking Vessels in 2011, which  a year later won her a nomination for Elle Decoration’s British Design Awards.

Since then Pia is constantly developing the series by reinventing the way materials are combined, used and processed.

India Stacking Vessels by Utopia & UtilityIndia Stacking Vessels by Utopia & Utility

In 2012 she launched the India Stacking Vessels series this time using a combination of glass, wood and copper or brass. 

Transformed Stacking Vessels - pink and citron - by Utopia & Utility

Transformed Stacking Vessels - purple and amber - by Utopia & Utility

Her Transformed Stacking Vessels collection is currently on show at No 10 Downing Street in a selection of the best in contemporary British craft and design thinking.

For all those who want to know more about charming Pia and the way she works, take a look at  James Maiki’s video Tale of two halves:

Photos via Utopia & Utility