Copper lights + Transience mirrors by David Derksen & Lex Pott

Posted by on Apr 22, 2014 in Objects

Copper is the new black – Design Academy Eindhoven’s graduate David Derksen  might have thought to himself as he took the thin metal, bent it by hand and gave us these beautiful lamps that join in a number of gorgeous products, all experimenting with the same colour scheme.

Copper lights by David Derksen

Transience Mirror - triangular - by David Derksen
Transience Mirror - circular - by David Derksen

Together with his former fellow student Lex Pott, he created a series of mirrors that – although of copper shimmer – are actually coated with silver. Thus Transcience mirrors will slowly be oxidizing under the influence of water and oxygen, eventually changing their appearance. Depending on the time that the silver is reacting with sulphur, different colour tones can be achieved, ranging from gold to brown and from  purple to blue.

Photos by Peter Becker

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